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Are we the Aliens?

Are we the Aliens on this Earth? Should we be exterminated?   By George Bishop   When you look at the demographics of our progress from a life swinging from branch to branch to our current almost entirely sedentary occupation of the Earth, you have to wonder whether Charles Darwin did indeed get it all wrong.   Well, maybe some of it.  Darwinism can explain much of what we see around us.  We can watch animals adapting and mutating to fit their environment.  We can see them learning and adopting new skills.  We can watch them adapting to the man made environment read full article

The Good Earth Singers

On Friday December 21st people around the world are uniting in singing this song. The voice is very powerful, especially when united with such meaning. The song is a simple repetition of a few words in an African language. Click the link below to hear and learn it, then open that link for a live feed at your location time. Gather together with friends. The Good Earth Singers are inviting us all to SING together with 15 million people around the world, at the same time, the same song, Ise (eshay) Oluwa (“That which the creator has made can never be destroyed”), from the Yoruba Tribe in Ghana. read full article

Galactic Federation Q & A – Part 2

This is an ongoing dialogue with a member of the United Federation of Planets (UFoP) or Galactic Federation. The questions I ask are intended to establish the ongoing history and relationship between Earth bound humans and our surrounding galactic bothers and sisters. The purpose of this is to help you understand where we've been and where we're going as a species and a member of the UFoP. This contact came to me and volunteered to talk about this experiences and ongoing work with the Galactic Federation. I understand that there are many types of EBEs (extraterrestrial biological entities) generally read full article

Going to Pine Bush

I recently have the desire to bring as many people as i can up to Pine Bush , NY to see UFO’s.

It’s time.

No large city is safe.

I purchased a regulation gas mask and protective clothing.

it’s good to be prepared. One years worth of food and water.

Im not sure why this is double spacing.


Abduction near Lemoore Naval Air Station

I'm not sure how to begin this but as far as personal contacts go I'd like to share this one. 10-3-10 One night I was sleeping when I realized that my right hand was hurting me. But I couldn't wake up. The more I became aware of the pain the more it hurt. The pain became so intense I sat up screaming. Upon sitting up my screaming faded away as I realized I was staring at three grays in a metal room. I apparently scared them with my screaming. They looked pretty startled. I then looked at my hand to see a beautiful blue beam of light going right through the center. It didn't hurt anymore. read full article